bevlites: a celebration in every glass
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The Floating Drink Candle.
A unique and special way to celebrate any occasion.

Put candle halfway through the bevlite candle holder.


Place in glass before lighting.


 Hold deep glasses at an angle to light the candle.

Make a toast, make a wish and blow out the candle! 

bevlites take the candle out of the cake and into the glass. With a lit toast bevlites are changing how we are celebrating.  And not just for adults who may not care for cake ( or have a cake handy )  but for kids too where they can have their birthday candle floating in a chocolate milk shake or root beer float.  Its always a surprise to see a lit candle in a glass as it's so unexpected.  Even if you just text a toast to the birthday person, they love seeing it.  

Make bevlites the center of the celebration and for any occasion, not just birthdays. Holidays, anniversaries, weddings, congratulations, the kids won their game, anything you can think of.  MAKE A TOAST - MAKE A WISH - AND BLOW OUT THE CANDLE.  Think liquid cake and treat it like a birthday cake where you would remove the candles before eating.

bevlites are made in the USA from 100% FDA food safe materials. Use only in NON FLAMABLE beverages. Please read the Fire and Alcohol tab before using.

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